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Local Rules

  • All Penalty Areas marked by lines and/or stakes.  Lines always take precedent over stakes. In absence of either, the break in the ground or change in landscape/grass represents the hazard line (same rule applies for boundary line).
  • The player may take relief without penalty, on all designated cart paths. This includes dirt paths. This does not include “Waste Areas” i.e. right side of #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #16.
    There is no Cart Path on #3.
  • In any “Waste Area,” the player may take relief without penalty when the golf ball lies up against the edging. However, the player must stay within the Waste Area when taking relief.
  • #10 Left of Cart Path – “Landscape Beds” are a part of the hole. Relief without penalty is not granted if your ball lies in any of these Landscape Beds.
  • If your ball has come to rest in a playable lie and is near an alligator, and you feel unsafe playing it from its position, you may drop (without penalty) in the nearest "safe" spot that most closely replicates the prior ball position.
  • All inside edges of bordering fences, roads, parking lots, sidewalks are Out of Bounds. (Ex. Road on #10, #15 – Sidewalk on back side of #12)
  • The water line on the Homeowners side of the water is considered Out of Bounds.
  • The outside edge of the bulk heads represent the hazard line. If the bulk head interferes with stance or swing on the golf course side you may take free relief (Immovable Obstruction) #1, #13 and #18.
  • Empty, Future Home Lots are considered Out of Bounds. In the absence of stakes or lines the change in the landscape/grass represents the boundary line.
  • Free relief from all staked trees, but only from the stake.
  • Free Relief from Sprinkler Head within two club lengths of green, and within two club lengths of ball.
  • On Hole #13, players may elect to use the drop area for any ball coming to rest in the hazard.